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HR by Eve Services for Businesses

Discover Our Expertise

Business Meeting

Introductory Consultation

Not every organization has a Human Resources department but every organization has people. This is where I step in as a contracted service to support your business. The Introductory Consultation our opportunity to discover the potential of your business and discover what areas I can help you in by examining your organizational needs, opportunities for growth and development, as well as assessing any current pain points and looking at solutions

Strategic Planning Session

With years of experience, HR by Eve brings the capabilities and expertise to take your business to the next level and transform your processes, strategies, and in turn, your company. 


  • Human Resources Management

  • Change Management

  • Work Culture Management

  • Performance Programs (development/implementation)

  • Recruitment Services

  • Exit strategies and termination support

  • Growth Management

  • Lean Management

  • Analysis and implementation of HRIS solutions

Connect with me and we can build a plan to shape and improve how your organization is structured and strategize how best to manage your business while you grow and expand.

Business Meeting
Female Lecturer

Training and Development Services

Staying current is vital to staying competitive in business. However not every business has the capacity to train in new initiatives and software, ensure that their managers have the support to lead, or the background in work culture management. This is where HR by Eve can step in for contracted training classes or one on one development to achieve these training initiatives for your business.

Does your company need our services? Message us today.

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