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About HR by Eve

Solutions for Success

HR by Eve is a consultation company that offers comprehensive Human Resources solutions and training to businesses while also supporting individuals with Career consulting services. 

Let me share a bit about myself and my background.

I'm Astrid Eve and I have 20+ years of international Human Resources experience including a strong 15+ years with payroll. The industries that I have worked in range from Government, Construction, Film, and Tech. I bring a diverse set of skills, experience and knowledge. My goals are to help equip you with the tools to be successful while being strategic in your efforts. 


The reason I started consulting is that I was being approached for help by friends and former colleagues. Some were professionals who were frustrated that their HR team wasn't giving them answers (or they lacked an HR team). Others were in their job search and paid for help that came with being spoken down to, belittled, and treated as if they were unskilled, unknowledgeable, or not worth giving time to. 

My approach is a personalized, non-stuffy, "solve your needs and give you some training" style. My goal is to give you support, training, and knowledge to be successful. Sometimes that also includes pep talks and positivity calls. Whatever the professional challenge you're facing, I'm here to help you figure out solutions and discover opportunities. 

Want to experience the expertise of HR by Eve for yourself? Contact me today and let’s discuss what we can do for you.

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